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The Online Course is now available on the CaMSP website. It is no longer neccesary to log-in to Blackboard.

If you prefer to complete the hours without a computer, there is an "offline" version available. Click here download the Word document.

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Kutner:
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c: 917 282 6204


Assignment Estimated Time Required
Assignment #1: Summer Institute Homework 1 hour
Assignment #2: Finalizing the Lesson Plan 1 hour
Assignment #3: Teach your Lesson Plan 2 hours
Assignment #4: Data Analysis 30 minutes
Assignment #5: Discussion Board 2 hours
Assignment #6: Course Evaluation 30 minutes

Assignment #1: Summer Institute Homework

Step 1
You will select one of the following principles from the Practice Guide:

  • Spacing Learning Over Time
  • Examples with Practice
  • Abstract-Concrete Connections
  • High-Order Questions

You may find it useful to review the videos on the What Works Clearinghouse website.

Click here to download the Practice Guide (pdf).

Step 2
Click here to download the questionnaire. You will need to provide examples of how you plan to implement the recommendation in your classroom.

The completed questionnaire should be emailed to Sudha.
Step 3
Share your response to the reading on the Discussion Board.

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Assignment #2: Finalizing the Lesson Plan

This assignment can build on the Lesson Plan you developed during the Summer Institute or you can create a new one.

You may find the Lesson Plan Template to be useful for this exercise. Click here to download the word document

Incorporate some of the recommended principles (from Assignment #1) and Instructional Strategies (reviewed during the Summer Institute) into your Lesson Plan.

Submit the completed lesson plan to Sudha.

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Assignment #3: Teach your Lesson Plan

Once your Lesson Plan has been approved by your Teaching Assistant you will implement it in your classroom. There are three options for receiving credit:

Option 1 - Videotape your lesson
If you would like to have your lesson taped, let your teaching assistant know. This will fulfill the time requirement for the assignment.

Option 2 - Collaborate with a colleague or member of the CaMSP team
Have a CaMSP member view your lesson and share feedback. Using the Lesson Plan template as a guide, provide a reflection on your post-class analysis.

Option 3 - Written lesson analysis
Provide your Teaching Assistant with a written reflection. It should be one to two typed pages and submitted via email. Include the following information:

Name, Grade Level

Lesson Planning Prompts

What were your instructional goals?
What were you mathematical content and language objectives?
What instructional strategies/scaffolds did you choose and why?
Had you taught this lesson before? How did this approach differ from your standard practice?
What challenges did you anticipate in administering this lesson?
What classroom management considerations did you make?

Lesson Reflection Prompts

How did you assess student understanding?
Was the lesson a success?
What surprised you?
What would you do differently, if you were to re-teach the lesson?
Please provide any additional information that you would like to share.

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Assignment #4: Data Analysis

Select three of your students, including an English learner, who attended lesson. Identify evidence of their learning (this can take the form of quiz results, homework analysis, or oral questioning).
  • How engaged were the students in the lesson?
  • Did they master the content? How do you know?
  • What scaffolds did you provide for the students to access the materials?
  • How does your evidence support your conclusions?
Submit a 1 page analysis to Sudha.

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Assignment #5: Discussion Board

Use your Data Analysis assignment to identify a research topic that you would like to explore more. It can be an article that supports the classroom activities that you selected or a topic you would like to deepen your understanding of.

Click here to visit the discussion board

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Assignment #6: Course Evaluation

Click here to download the Course Evaluation.

Submit the completed form to Sudha.