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Topic: Wants Interests and Needs

In this lesson I want to talk about the importance of drawing out a prospects Wants Interests and Needs or their W.I.N.s'. Knowing the W.I.N.s' of your leads can give you a huge advantage when it's time to make an offer.

One reason getting this information is important is because it can save you alot of time and wasted effort in many areas. Just think about it, if you have several products you are promoting wouldn't it save you alot of time and frustration if you knew exactly what product or service your prospect needs?

This not only saves you time and effort it keeps your prospects from receiving offers they don't want, in the end that could mean the difference between a customer for life and someone who will never listen to your proposals ever again, no matter how good they are.

One way to gather the W.I.N,s of potential buyers is by going to forums. Forums are designed to bring people from across the industry who know the most about a specific topic together in one place. This is a great place to see for yourself what people need.

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Re: Wants Interests and Needs

You're going to identify two things about your[url=www.glenntwiddle.com.au/blog]real estate training[/url]content. The first is to identify the major problem or pain that your content will help the recipient avoid? The second is to identify the most compelling benefits about your content to the recipient. So, pain avoidance and benefits are your headline's focus. The interesting thing about headlines is that pain avoidance is actually more enticing to people than benefits.