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TITLE: The Van and The Truck
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Distance = Rate times Time

  • The relationship between time, distance and rate are fundamental from first steps in algebra through calculus and beyond.
  • An important real world concept that reinforces proportional reasoning.

Relevant Standards

   5th Grade
  • 5AF1.1 Use information taken from a graph or equation to answer questions about a problem situation.
  • 5MR2.3 Use a variety of methods, such as words, numbers, symbols, charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, and models, to explain mathematical reasoning.
   6th Grade
  • 6NS2.4 Determine the least common multiple and the greatest common divisor of whole numbers
  • AF1.1 Write and solve one-step linear equations in one variable.
  • AF1.2 Write and evaluate an algebraic expression for a given situation, using up to three variables.
  • 6AF2.2 Demonstrate an understanding that rate is a measure of one quantity per unit value of another quantity.
  • 6AF2.3 Solve problems involving rates, average speed, distance, and time.
   7th Grade
  • 7AF4.1 Solve two-step linear equations and inequalities in one variable over the rational numbers.
  • 7AF4.2 Solve multistep problems involving rate, average speed, distance, and time.
  • 15.0 Students apply algebraic techniques to solve rate problems, work problems, and percent mixture problems.
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